All-in-one Company Management Tool


OfficeLife will change how companies manage their employees and how their employees feel about their work. It will let you manage the following aspect of your company in a very easy-to-use, privacy-first software. OfficeLife is not ready yet, but the app is open-source – it is built with Laravel, Vue.js and Inertia.js." 👯 Employee and team management 📝 Know what you coworkers have done yesterday 😺 Applicant tracking system 👨 Employee onboarding ⛵️ One-on-one management 🕐 Time tracking 🏝 Holidays management 📃 Documents 💸 Expenses 🖥Hardware management 🚜Project management 🤖 A way to create automated flows to put your company on autopilot and many, many other features
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